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We have recently signed up to Cumbria Tourisms FairBooking Scheme FairBooking is an initiative promoted by Cumbria Tourism, the official Tourist Board and Destination Management Organisation in Cumbria, which aims to provide the best accommodation deal for customers and a better deal for the local tourism industry in the location you intend visiting.
You may not be aware that large Online Travel Agents charge us 15-20% commission to receive bookings from their sites, and none of that money goes back into the local economy, or helps our business. We therefore want to avoid paying this commission and highlight to our customers the benefits of booking direct and online via our own trusted website. How does FairBooking work? The concept is straight forward. FairBooking encourages consumers to book directly with the accommodation establishment. Why? Booking your accommodation via our website ensures that our customers get the best deal. What do you get for booking direct at Holmlea Guest House?
What do we do in return for your direct booking?
  • We will donate 50p from all our direct bookings directly to our chosen cause The Cumbria Air Ambulance.

What do you get for booking via an Online Travel Agent?
  • No choice of room
  • High room rate (to cover the commission we pay)
  • No special offer discounts.

In Summary, 3 great reasons to book direct!
  • The best deal for you, our guest
  • A better deal for locals and the local destination
  • A better deal for our business

We are always here to help and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for booking direct.
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